Information in English

The Roman Catholic parish of Molde was established in 1923, and comprises the Romsdal area in the county of Møre og Romsdal, namely the municipalities of Molde, Vestnes, Rauma, Nesset, Midsund, Sandøy, Aukra and Fræna, with a total of 58,535 inhabitants (01.01.2012). As of 31 Decenber 2013 there are 1302 registered members of the Catholic Church. Many are immigrants and we therefore also celebrate Mass in Polish and English.

St Sunniva churchSt Sunniva parish church was built in 1953,
and is located in Parkvegen 25, Molde. It is dedicated to St Sunniva (c.900 AD), an Irish princess who, rejecting the advances of a heathen king, fled from Ireland together with a group of followers. Their ship drifted across the North Sea, and was beached on the island of Selja, just off the western coast of Norway. Here they settled down to a simple life of prayer. Legend has it that they lived in the caves found on the island; this natural hideout was to become their grave. Fearing that the local earl was seeking to capture them, they hid in a cave, only to be holed in following a rock fall. The cult of St Sunniva is intimately linked to the history of the western coast of Norway (Vestlandet).

Mass shedule

Sunday Mass: 11.00am

Mass in English: 1.30 pm on the 1st , 3rd and 4th Sunday of the month.


Mass is also celebrated at the following places:

Åndalsnes: Åndalsnes bedehus at 3.30pm on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.
Vestnes: Frivilligsentralen at 6.00 pm the 4th Sunday of the month.
Aukra: Aukra kyrkje at 4.15 pm on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.